Astuces Gran Turismo 7 How To Get 2,000,000 Credits In 6 Seconds!

Gran Turismo 7 How To Get 2,000,000 Credits In 6 Seconds!

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This is the FASTEST way to get credits in Gran Turismo 7 - there is no quicker way to get 2,000,000 credits! BUT there is a serious point here - is Gran Turismo 7 too titled in favour of pushing us to buy credits? Do in-game races give us enough credits to fully explore the tuning and customisation in Gran Turismo 7? Is the need to buy tyres, engine rebuilds, and other consumables similar to FIFA Ultimate Team? 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 ✅✅ Join our Sim Racing Community for FREE in three easy steps! ✅✅ 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣❤️‍🔥 Do you like this video and want to support the channel as well as being part of the team? Easy steps below - all support very much appreciated and LETS HIT THOSE GOALS! P.S. THANK YOU if you are already a subscriber/member/in our Discord!! 😊😊 1️⃣❤️‍🔥 Click/tap the link below to SUBSCRIBE to the Kireth Kart channel and get notified for upcoming videos and livestreams (livestreams go unlisted once they end!) ⚡⚡ ⚡⚡ Road to 10000 subscribers! 2️⃣❤️‍🔥 Click/tap the link below to JOIN the channel as a member and get exclusive access to emojis, content, and the Member's Lounge in our Discord! ⚡⚡ Road to 100 channel members! 3️⃣❤️‍🔥Join our sim racing Discord and CHAT with over 800 other sim racing drivers and fans! ⚡⚡ Road to 1000 Discord members! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅✅ Want to get big discounts on Sim Racing equipment and games AND support the channel? Please use my affiliate links below whcih give you a discount and send some commission through to the channel! ✅✅ 1️⃣❤️‍🔥 Get 5% off GT Omega Sim Racing rigs and equipment with this code! ⚡⚡ Use the code KIRETH or KIRETH5 at checkout! 2️⃣❤️‍🔥Thinking about signing up to iRacing? Please use my code or my referral email! ⚡⚡ ⚡⚡ [email protected] 3️⃣❤️‍🔥Pre-order the Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Deluxe Physical edition from Amazon here! ⚡⚡ 4️⃣❤️‍🔥Want to sound like me? Buy my Shure MV7 microphone from Amazon here! ⚡⚡ 5️⃣❤️‍🔥 Buying a Logitech G29 steering wheel? Please use my Amazon link! ⚡⚡ 6️⃣❤️‍🔥 I started streaming Gran Turismo with a Thrustmaster T150! If you're looking to pick one up please use my Amazon link! ⚡⚡ My gear! Rig: GT Omega Prime (supplied by the nice people at GT Omega) Wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite With McLaren GT3 V2 Rim Pedals: Fanatec V3 Pedals Screen: Samsung G7 Mic: Shure MV7 Capture Card: AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 HUGE thanks to all the KRT members below, who are directly supporting the channel! Michael Nickle - KRT Air Chief Marshal ChinookFE147 - KRT Major General GTGrandad888 - KRT Major General Ian Kemp - Major General Katie - Major General Fatty - KRT Lieutenant Cyrus Darkfur - KRT Lieutenant Rory Alexander - KRT Lieutenant Callum McIntyre - KRT Lieutenant Eesa R - KRT Lieutenant Thomas Spoerl - KRT Lieutenant Maik Simasek - KRT Lieutenant Andy Dewar - KRT Lieutenant Kate S - KRT Sergeant Steve Biafron - KRT Sergeant Uncle Tashie - KRT Sergeant Whispers Eighty Two - KRT Sergeant Azeria - KRT Sergeant FastGinger - KRT Sergeant Henry Bernal - KRT Sergeant Interstelladwella - KRT Sergeant Mr Finch - KRT Sergeant MosquitoByte_66 - KRT Sergeant TheeDirtyDizzle - KRT Sergeant Charlie Rosco - KRT Sergeant RA_Baz68 - KRT Sergeant Loopy Racing - KRT Sergeant Ellneal - KRT Sergeant Ali Burgess - KRT Sergeant Ray Rivera - KRT Sergeant Visual Ghoul - KRT Sergeant FastGinger - KRT Sergeant Curations - KRT Sergeant KRT Corporals! KnifeyMoloko222 GT_Ari Lars-Petter Andersen ZBNK Winchy DeeJazzyMan Terence Hill Shaun Newark Nanaki TayTheDay Gorillagaz86 Alex T Chris H Dr Dah Martin King Limebus313 Tyson Vallender Josh Hill Chris Sansam Smokermike77 Morten Gary Laster Ivan Varian Hansa_27ML Fafnir Kyle Ingram CwtchJay Jay Zhousensen-JP Gav Jarman Define-infinity DeadEyeDelboy Marvin Solomons King Ears Scaryguy4u2 Arkeys74 Ghostrider161 Motorsport Magpie DeadEyeDelboy Danny Smudger Smith relik7 GhostedCasper BaTi Rei ChefBouyRD MBR DanielTBrendan Alexis Myron Wheat Biscuits Daniel Duintjer Thanks a lot everyone, you're helping us take the channel to the next level! #granturismo7 #gt7 #granturismo Get Gold (Instrumental) by Spandau Ballet here License ID: ywVv8VXdq0o Get this and other songs for your next YouTube video at

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