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Chess Knights: Shinobi - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Available on May 18. Become a Ninja in feudal Japan and prove your skills in the art of infiltration, sabotage and assassination. Chess Knights: Shinobi is an original turn-based puzzle game inspired by Chess. Using chess Knights, you need to move through the board until you reach the squares where your other pieces are held prisoner. Then, comeback to the safe zone without being captured by enemy pieces to rescue all your pieces! Featuring: - All pieces move like in a chess game. You play as a Shinobi Knight who needs to move stealthy through a game board full of Samurai enemies; - 50 hand-crafted levels with increasing complexity (+ 10 secret "surreal" levels. Can you find them?). -Play in beautiful environments of ancient Japan in the Edo era; - Originally composed soundtracks; - A chess game without any chess. This is an original game concept for chess lovers and newcomers alike (you do not need to know any chess to play it). ------ About QUByte Interactive Brazilian game developer and publisher focused on delivering high-quality games across the most diverse platforms, from mobile to video game consoles, with business partners in several countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, and China. All rights reserved © 2021 QUByte Interactive.

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