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Glitched - Announce Trailer | PS4

GLITCHED is a choice-heavy, 4th wall breaking, existential RPG. When a glitch appears in the video game world of Soren, an NPC named Gus becomes aware of you – the player. Travel together to solve the mystery of the glitch and save Gus's friends, hometown, and digital world. Key Features • Essence: Your choices change Gus's essence. This decides his personality, powers, and how characters react to him. • Choices: The story changes based on your choices. No two playthroughs will be the same! • Progression: Every activity gives EXP. Use it to patch glitches and advance the story. • Gus: Talk to Gus at any time. Form a friendship. Observe his escalating existential dread. • Battles: No random encounters. Turn-based combat using a unique system with skills, energy, and quirks. • Other Features: Magic spells. Cool equipment. 20+ potential party members. Romance system. Tons of outfits. Multiple endings. Arcade

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