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Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Terminal Error | PS5, PS4

You may have taken down an Undead Zeppelin, but the fight never ends in the most expansive Zombie Army 4 campaign mission yet! Battle through a massive, open-ended area as you discover the destination of a horrifying transmission – a mysterious base on the Italian coast! Can the squad put a stop to these sinister machinations, or will the coast claim another victim? Terminal Error is the first mission in Return to Hell, a haunting three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War Campaign! Explore a terrifying new location in this 1-4 player mission, complete with new enemy types, collectibles and more! You might have defeated the terror of the skies – but the dead don’t die! As well as Alpine Blitz, there’s plenty of other brand new content out today for Zombie Army 4 fans to bite into, including: • Undercover Marie Outfit • Zombie headgear Pack • Elemental Weapon Skins • M1934 Pistol Bundle • Zombie Charm Pack Included in Season Pass Three or available individually. Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

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