L'avis des médias Grace of Letoile - Official Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Grace of Letoile - Official Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Fight with battle automata to turn back time in a fantasy RPG! Check it out here: https://store.playstation.com/concept/10008963 Throw yourself into fierce battles to steal Sertzes, the cores of automata able to make wishes come true! Vedley, who lost his parents in a sad incident, hears from Achieitz about the existence of the Letoiles, who are able to make any wish come true. In order to turn back time and try to save his parents, Vedley makes a pact with a Letoile and becomes her Maschelle, and they throw themselves into the battles to steal Sertzes from the other Letoiles. Harness the power of Skill Plates and Gems, combining them to unleash special skills and magic. The Field Effects add a layer of complexity to battles, offering both advantageous and disadvantageous effects, making your tactical choices crucial. The Chronos Gauge plays a central role, allowing you to perform unique skills and launch Interrupt Actions, enabling you to seize control of the battlefield. Your journey is about mastering time and power, and every decision counts. Will you rewrite the fate that awaits Vedley? © 2014-2023 KEMCO/MAGITEC *Images are subject to change in the final product. #ps5 #ps5games #ps4 #ps4games


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