Astuces Weeping Willow - Full Unedited Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (PS4/PS5)

Weeping Willow - Full Unedited Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (PS4/PS5)

#WeepingWillow #Gameplay #Platinum - From @tcgames19 & @Pinkerator; this is my #Platinum #Trophy gameplay run from start to finish and can be used as a #TrophyGuide to obtain the #PlatinumTrophy. #PS5 #PS5Share #PS4 #PS4Share #TechnoCatGames #SometimesYou The game can be purchased here for £-.-- - Release 3rd May Trophy List - Trophy Guide available on @NODE_Gamers ( Description (From PSN Store) - "Weeping Willow is a kinetic visual novel in the genre of detective story, which takes place in the small medieval town of Weidendorf. This town was quarantined due to an outbreak of plague in poor neighborhoods. The story begins with the mysterious disappearance of the husband of the main character, Baron Von Wolf. A few days later he was found in the local parish of the Scarlet Rose Order, but the baroness claims that she does not recognize her husband. Other people confirms the identity of the impostor and no one believes her. Because of the plague quarantine, the young Baroness is a captive of her own home and begins to seriously fear for her life. After this, a series of dramatic events unfold that will irrevocably change her life. This short story will delight its players with a fascinating plot tied to intrigues, betrayals, and conspiracies. Features: - An intriguing and unpredictable plot - Unexpected ending - Female main character - Memorable animated characters and detailed backgrounds" Review Key provided by - Thank you for the support! Recorded Via: Elgato HD60s - Please Like & Subscribe if you like my content; it is appreciated more than you think. Feel free to check out my other Social Networks: - Instagram - @dino_roar - PSN Profile - Dino_Roar - Twitch - PSNDinoRoar - Twitter - @Dino_Roared -

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