Le Coin des wapers Storytelling Details in Video Games #4

Storytelling Details in Video Games #4

Here are some AMAZING Storytelling/Worldbuilding video game details you may have missed in games such as Deathloop, Deus Ex Human Revolution, RDR2 & more! Hope you Enjoy! Timestamps: 0:00 - Deathloop 1:11 - Red Dead Redemption II 3:03 - Deus Ex Human Revolution 5:20 - DOOM 3 6:30 - Wolfenstein: The New Order My Socials: Twitter: www.twitter.com/oknightzo Instagram: www.instagram.com/o_knightz_o/ Check out more videos here: WTF Easter Eggs in Games: https://youtu.be/DbFBlo-bydY Storytelling Details in Games: https://youtu.be/dACdmyhq3SQ Breaking Bad References Found in Games: https://youtu.be/sThR9ngE-ow COMBAT Details in Games: https://youtu.be/gXCyrhJERH8 Horizon Forbidden West vs TLOU2 (Details) : https://youtu.be/_qwo_lyOrnM 21 AMAZING Details in Horizon Forbidden West: https://youtu.be/oOpVIj2z6Ys Subscribe for more Details, Easter Eggs and various gaming related content. #RDR2 #DeusEx #Details video game details details in video games gaming details rdr2 details deus ex details


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Oouuuh je me garde la vidéo pour demain ! J’ai vu Arthur, ça m’a suffi

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J’adore ce youtuber 👀

Mon détail préféré c’est celui de doom 3

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