Le Coin des wapers Assassin's Creed WWII - 2022 l Concept Trailer

Assassin's Creed WWII - 2022 l Concept Trailer

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TeaserPlay Studio Presents: Assassin's Creed™ WWII - Assassinations of Adolf Hitler | Short CGI Film 4K (Concept Trailer) In this exclusive short film, we portray the scene of the assassination of Adolf Hitler by a liberal assassin in Paris "In The Assassin's Creed Universe, Hitler was under the influence of the Templar Order, obtaining an Apple of Eden from Templar industrialist Henry Ford to utilize as a catalyst for initiating World War II. Alongside fellow Templar puppets, Roosevelt and Stalin, Hitler brought on the turmoil and fear necessary for Abstergo Industries to push forward its industrial development and take control of the working population However, by 1943, the Templars' influence over Hitler and the other world leaders began to dwindle, and the Order found it hard to ensure their control over Nazi Germany. As such, the Templars began colluding with the Assassin Boris Pash to create a machine called Die Glocke, which would be capable of creating a wormhole to traverse time and allow the Templars and Assassins to kill Hitler before his rise to power" (Via: Assassin's Creed Wiki) Don't forget to Subscribe Us in "TeaserPlay" We make High Quality short films from the untold story of the Video Games


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J’adore le 20eme siècle en plus possibilité de faire pendant la cold war en pleine black ops.

Et puis un assassin’s creed avec des guns ce serait pas mal en mode fps 😂

J’ai rien dit 🤫sinon ubisoft vont nous faire comme far cry primal 😤

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photo de profil de Harlane


Le concept est pas mal. Je me suis toujours dis qu'il allait faire un durant la seconde guerre mondiale. J'espère juste qu'il integrera pas les snipers pour Le personnage principale... ça gâcherait tout

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photo de profil de Meg


Ce serait tellement intéressant, surtout avec les forces secrètes, agents doubles et j'en passe ! L'une de mes périodes favorites.

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