Astuces 20 Super Secrets in Death Stranding

20 Super Secrets in Death Stranding

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20 Super Secrets in game Death Stranding you probably didn't know. Video shows the following: Touching a BB heart sign will increase your BB's happiness. The signs during day and night cycle on Death Stranding UCA buildings use different fonts and styles. The force field in knot cities also cancel out sound. If Sam has a very high stack of cargo, low doorways will knock top luggage off. You can play a harmonica while holding two cargo on both hands (without resting). Hold Square to grab multiple Cryptobiotes (water bears) quickly near coral or mushrooms. Sam loves iPhones. You can quickly get likes without delivering by creating a postbox outside a knot city and claim cargo from the former and share to the latter. Find an easy way to climb places so that you are near invisible walls in the game. Fabricate Safe House and learn the special secrets of teleportation inside (including private rooms). Learn about the building of a wall that triggered Death Stranding. Learn how to heal Sam and the baby by entering a healing pool. There are two types of membership to the Chiral Network: Bridges (no fabrication facility for Sam) and UCA (includes 3D printing). There are two types of damage, container damage and actual content damage (healing container won't fix destroyed contents). You can charge at MULEs by holding L2, R2, and Square at the same time. Find out what happens if you use a Bola Gun on a MULE and then don't kick them (they release themselves). Find out the different types of detector motions on Its (white, yellow, spinning). You can encounter NPC Porters and even talk to them, give them likes, and even tackle them (lose likes). However, the NPC Porters will actually give you cargo if you are nice to them. NPC porters will dodge out of the way of running trucks. Gameplay on PS4 Pro version of Death Stranding. More Super Secrets continued in this video: Twitter: @edepot PSN: edepot If you love edepot videos, consider being a member:
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