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Gods Will Fall - Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC Part 2 | PS4

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Your warriors have fought bravely but the clashing of swords has awoken more evil from beyond. Stired from his slumber in a crimson ravine of jagged rocks, rises Gortainh the God of Pain, an opponent who grows stronger as you grow weaker! A New Realm Awaits A punishing new abysaal realm, with new vassals leads you to a terrifying new god for you to slay - Gortainh, the God of Pain. A New Weapon Class Your brave party is now bolstered with a new class of hero - The Javelineer. A master of ranged combat, they wield a cluster of short spears, able to hurl and retrieve them in a lethal display of skill. Combine this with new skills and items, and the fires of vengeance burn bright for your warriors. Three New Items Call Of Morrigan, Lightning Rod, Spore Powder Two New Skills Second Chance, Destroyer Valley of the Dormant Gods, Part 2 is the second of three Gods Will Fall DLC episodes. Part 2 will automatically available for those who own the Valiant Edition of Gods Will Fall.

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