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Necromunda: Hired Gun - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Necromunda: Hired Gun is out now! Watch the Launch Trailer now. Necromunda: Hired Gun, the fast-paced FPS by the small, passionate team at Streum On Studio, is out now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Welcome to the gritty, violent hive city of Necromunda, a place where anything goes - for the right price. As a rising bounty hunter in this utopia of violence, use the many tools in your deadly arsenal to see your contracts through and make a name for yourself in this infamous underworld. Dive into today’s Launch Trailer and get ready for Hired Gun’s unique universe, characters, missions, weapons and perks, cyber-augmented Mastiff included! Pick your contracts. Hunt your targets. Collect the bounty. Navigate an ocean of crime and corruption to balance the bloody ecosystem of Necromunda as a merciless hired gun. The money’s good, the dog’s loyal, and the gun’s reliable – but can you survive the hunt? Necromunda: Hired Gun is an indie fast-paced, violent, and thrilling FPS set in the darkest reaches of Warhammer 40,000’s most infamous hive city. For the right price, eliminate the most notorious gangers and mutants. Your armory is a sprawling arsenal. Your body is enhanced with a dozen customizable augments to run on walls and leap over chasms. Your cyber-mastiff will sniff out and kill enemies for you, while your grappling hook allows quick, agile traversal of the massive environments. The indie fast-paced FPS is out now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Physical copies for consoles will release June 30th. The game also features a free PlayStation 5 upgrade. Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence
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