Le Coin des wapers 14 Insane Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 6)

14 Insane Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 6)

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14 INSANE Details in RDR 2 RDR2 Insane Details If you liked this video, please don't forget to subscribe and like. Thanks for watching😃👍 Business inquiries - [email protected] 0:00 - When Arthur puts on the bandanna and walks past the NPCs, the NPCs will ask him why he is hiding. 0:35 - If you stand still for a long time, then the police will take you for a suspicious type 1:09 - Squirrel eat nut 1:28 - The sheriff takes the body of the killed NPCs 2:12 - Shooting dirty weapons will emit black smoke 2:57 - NPC bitten by a snake 4:00 - If you get drunk during the wanted, then when you wake up you will be in prison 4:55 - Salt marks buildup from sweat on a Horse 5:35 - A horse with a load tires faster and runs slower than without it. 6:21 - The Lawmen won't chase you out of state 7:06 - NCP bleeding 7:24 - Tangerines burst when fired 8:16 - You can crush the fish or blow it up 9:02 - Train robbery #RDR2 #RedDeadRedemption2


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