Le Coin des wapers 22 Insane Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 3)

22 Insane Details in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Part 3)

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22 INSANE Details in RDR 2 RDR2 Insane Details If you liked this video, please don't forget to subscribe and like. Thanks for watching😃👍 Business inquiries - [email protected] 0:00 - Arthur breaks a bottle 0:11 - When you eat poisonous plants, you start to feel sick and vomit 0:30 - Sun shining through ear cartilage 0:49 - The Train will stop if the cart is on the road 1:07 - If you try to break into a closed door many times, then they give you a wanted list 1:37 - The trap will work if you shoot a bullet 1:47 - If you knock out someone, after a while they get up 2:12 - Wood will fall if you shoot the rope 2:45 - A Horse can hit hard with its hooves 3:02 - Arthur comments on himself while looking in the mirror 3:19 - Horse is not standing on the water 3:39 - In a poisoned river all the fish are poisoned 4:23 - Throat moves when drinking 4:37 - You can land on a horse if you fall from a height 4:51 - Deer entangled in the antlers of a dead deer 5:23 - Horse fears geothermal eruption 5:40 - You can frame the hunter by shooting into the sky 6:15 - Pigs are eating dead bodies 6:35 - Water droplets on buildings 6:49 - You can hide in the bushes if you are wanted 7:21 - Kidnapping #RDR2 #RedDeadRedemption2


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