Astuces Rocket League® Academy - Kickoffs

Rocket League® Academy - Kickoffs

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Attention, class! @SunlessKhan is back for this week's lesson. Rocket League games begin at the kickoff, so it's time you learn how to attack the ball at the start of every game. This week's lesson will get your team on the same page each and every kickoff, and can get you started learning how to do fast kickoffs. Your homework — study these advanced kickoff techniques: Thanovic Speed Flip Tutorial: Fireburner Speed Flip Tutorial: ApparentlyJack Speed Flip Tutorial: Wayton Good vs Bad Kickoffs: Virge Best Kickoff Tutorial: Rocket League® Academy - Kickoffs #RocketLeague #RocketLeagueAcademy #RocketLeagueSeason3 #SunlessKhan

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