Le Coin des wapers The Last of Us Part I | PS3 - PS4 - PS5 | Remake Graphics, Modes & FPS Comparison | Analista de Bits

The Last of Us Part I | PS3 - PS4 - PS5 | Remake Graphics, Modes & FPS Comparison | Analista de Bits

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Buy games at Instant-Gaming for all platforms with discounts! https://www.instant-gaming.com/es/?igr=analistadebits https://www.instant-gaming.com/es/giveaway/ANALISTABITS PS3: 30GB 720p / 30fps PS4: 47GB 1080p / 60fps PS4 Pro: 47GB Resolution Mode: 2160p / 30fps FPS Mode: 1800p / 60fps PS5: 70GB -60hz Output Fidelity Mode: 2160p / 30fps Performance Mode: 1440p / 60fps -120hz Output Fidelity Mode: 2160p / 40fps Performance Mode: 1440p / 60fps (~70fps with VRR) - The Last of Us Part I on PS5 has radically changed its visual section. Textures, lighting and scenarios reimagined, in addition to improved animations and AI. - The models of some characters and other assets have been reused from The Last of Us Part II. - The Last of Us Part I recreates reflections using SSR, cubemaps or planar reflections. There is no presence of any kind of Ray-Tracing in this remake. - The most radical changes are in textures, geometry and lighting. - Improved AI and animations make combat a more satisfying, but conservative experience. Most of the features added in Part II (dodging, crawling, etc) are not present. - I'm preparing another comparison that compares in depth all aspects of the remake with respect to the original game. - Fidelity mode adds considerable input lag. On the other hand, the vsync causes the game to not feel fluid at all (exactly like Demon's Souls Remake). I recommend the 1440p/60fps mode. - With a 120Hz TV, the Fidelity mode locks its framerate down to 40fps. This mode has some irregularities in its performance. - If you have a VRR-compatible display, we can activate it in Performance mode to get a variable rate ranging from 60 to 90fps. - Loading times are slower on PS5 compared to PS4, but reasonable considering the visual improvements. In any case, these load times are much faster than on PS3. - As a curiosity and personal opinion, I do not usually use the Dualsense adaptive triggers, but in this game its application seemed to me quite successful. - Absence of Multiplayer. Let's hope that The Last of Us Factions justifies this lack. On the other hand, new difficulty modes have been added and some gameplay modifiers that will be analyzed in another video. - Considering that on a visual level it is on par with The Last of Us Part II, this remake could have been possible on PS4. - The Last of Us Part I is a remake that meets the minimum quality standards you would expect from Naughty Dog. Revisiting the original game's locations with the new visuals and more polished gameplay has been very rewarding. Music by Zeraví: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjj4WVD4rXQ


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